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We are trying to build interaction with the client on the basis of fairness.

Basically complex automation projects are risky because their result depends equally on the organization management of the automation and on the organization of the Client, the readiness and willingness of employees to changes, etc. When implementing the system in this regard, there are many risks that can ultimately affect the success of the implementation.

Our approach is to evenly distribute the risks and their consequences between the company and client. This allows you to remove so-called "stoppers" of the implementation process, as the Client, and from the company introducing a particular product.

At the moment, most companies use in their work two diametrically opposite approach:

1.Project costs are fixed.
2.Cost work is determined based on the actual duration and the hourly rate of consultants (time and material basis)

In the first case, all project risks accrue to companies implementing projects in the second case - the Customer.

Such approaches in most cases lead to conflict, which usually draws the deadline of the project. This unpleasant situation generates a string of "stoppers" implementation. They appear due to distrust of the parties to each other and the inability to come to an understanding. Project is doomed, unfortunately ...

After analyzing the situation, the team Done (Done), has found the right path goal - we combine these two approaches and spread risks between our company and the client, which in turn increases the mutual trust and, as practice shows, simply does not allow most of the project "stoppers" .



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