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The main RESOURCES our company are qualified consultants. High level of qualification achieved by constant learning and knowledge control. Our team of consultants are trained annually and control knowledge in the center of Microsoft certifications as well as regular training, training on systems HansaWorld. Relevance of knowledge in the field of finance and accounting achieved by appropriate study, constant monitoring of legislation, as well as solving real business problems of our customers.

The company guarantees to provide quality services in the areas of support and implementation of ERP, as well as the introduction of advanced methods of financial management and budgeting.

Consultants are able to find and offer the most appropriate solution to a problem and at the same time to assess risks, to determine the optimal sequence of actions and fast enough to achieve this goal.

Many of our consultants have worked successfully in the real sector and know all the specifics of the internal organization of the company. This enables the team to avoid most of the problems (conflicts) even before they happen.



ООО «Данн»

04116 г. Киев, ул. Старокиевская 10Г, корпус «В», оф.211
Тел. (044) 223-12-35,
Факс. (044) 236-80-46



Компания НПП Кластер, г. Днепропетровск совместно с компанией "ДАНН" объявила о начале проекта по внедрению программного комплекса на базе системы HansaWorld Enterprise.

Рассрочка на ERP и CRM системы HansaWorld сроком на 2 года, без дополнительных переплат.

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