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Company DONE (Done) - we are young and rapidly growing team of professionals in the field of implementation and support of complex accounting systems ERP systems, as well as providing services to introduce best practices of financial management and budgeting.

The main success criteria of our company is customer trust, which allows us to help our customer to solve even most complicated tasks.

We try to provide comprehensive support, which starts from the definition of general problems (“bottle necks”) in the client's business processes, determining the best ways to address them, the reorganization of the current business process (if possible its standardization and automation), the launch control system.

This holistic approach provides excellent results - all our solutions put into commercial operation and real benefit to our clients.



ООО «Данн»

04116 г. Киев, ул. Старокиевская 10Г, корпус «В», оф.211
Тел. (044) 223-12-35,
Факс. (044) 236-80-46



Компания НПП Кластер, г. Днепропетровск совместно с компанией "ДАНН" объявила о начале проекта по внедрению программного комплекса на базе системы HansaWorld Enterprise.

Рассрочка на ERP и CRM системы HansaWorld сроком на 2 года, без дополнительных переплат.

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